Discover Your Bucket List in Carrollton This Summer

Here at Marsh & Keller Springs, we have a place for you to get started on your beauty bucket list in Carrollton. They know how to make you look amazing. It’s conveniently located near everything, too. See what we have to help you enhance your overall look and style. Stop by today to discover your bucket list in Carrollton at Marsh & Keller Springs

Begin Your Bucket List in Carrollton At EyeCandy Waxing & Threading Salon

Watch for their specials too. You can sign up for notifications on specials. That way you can come in and enjoy everything they have to offer at a great discount. First responders, nurses, and teachers are always welcome to get a discount. Come in and see what they offer you at EyeCandy Waxing & Threading Salon.

EyeCandy Waxing & Threading Salon At Marsh & Keller Springs

The options at EyeCandy Waxing & Threading Salon for your bucket list in Carrollton are incredible. They offer brow threading of course, but they also handle waxing, lashes, and make-up. Consider coming in for those special events. They will make you look stunning. They cater to people that haven’t had these procedures done too. Don’t worry about a thing. Prepare to look gorgeous.

EyeCandy Waxing & Threading Salon Makes Your Summer 2022 Gorgeous

When you have that special date for summer 2022, come in to let the professionals at EyeCandy Waxing & Threading Salon do your make-up. Have your lashes and brows done before the big day of your date? Put it all together, and you’ll look gorgeous. 

It’s all here at Marsh & Keller Springs, where you can have those bucket lists checked off, one at a time. First, have your waxing done. Then do your lashes and after that, your brows. By the time you get to your make-up session, you’ll feel like a queen. Looking for more ways to enjoy summer in Carrollton? Check out our directory today! 

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