Get Ready for a Happy Fourth of July in Carrollton with Marsh & Keller Springs

4th of July 2019 in Carrollton is finally here, but are you ready? It’s ok not to have any plans yet, but we might have some extra ideas for you in Carrollton at Marsh & Keller Springs. Here are some ways to get ready for a happy Fourth of July 2019 in Carrollton with Marsh & Keller Springs: 

Be Proud of Bringing Pizza to the Party

Bringing pizza to the party is never a bad idea. In fact, it should almost be mandatory. Save the day during your backyard holiday celebrations with pizza and wings from Marcos Pizza in Carrollton. This is your chance at the freedom to build your own favorites for the rest of the day and be the Fourth of July hero. 

Celebrate a Happy Fourth of July with Donut Day

Donuts are good any day of the week, but they’re even better for the holidays. Start your Fourth of July weekend off with a donut day for breakfast at Paul’s Donuts in Carrollton at Marsh & Keller Springs. Whether it’s chocolate, glazed, sprinkles or a mix of all the above, make this holiday a sweet one with the best donuts in town. Now that’s a celebration. 

Pick Your New Stars & Stripes with Lonestar Nails

It’s always nice when your nails look good after you get them done, but especially when you’re taking them with you to your holiday events. Show up to your backyard cookouts with brand new nails and products from Lonestar Nails in Carrollton. Pick your colors and enjoy the weekend off while you stand up for your sparkling beauties. It’s time to be proud of your red, white and blue stripes while you cut through your 4th of July firework wrapping with pride and ease.

4th of July 2019 in Carrollton can be fun whether you’re out partying on vacation or not. Get Ready for the holidays in Carrollton with Marsh & Keller Springs. For more ideas on what to do in Carrollton for the 4th of July, check out our blogs and directory page!

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